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Willow Garden Bamboo Garden Plum Blossom Wisteria Garden Fish in Sea Dancing Butterfly
Hand painted chinoiserie wallpaper (the chinese wallpaper), watercolour on mulberry paper. Panoramic in style and probably from the Chinese traditional paintings. Depicted scenes include representations of the tea industry, silk production, agriculture, china making and Chinese opera. Hung on vermiculite-packed, bronze-edged panels of varying sizes.This exquisite Chinese wallpaper as a classical painting artwork exported to European states from th 17th century, middle of China Qing Dynasty.
silk wallpaper

Bianliang City Lushan Mountain Spring Outing Kunlun Mountain The April The Coutts

By combining the latest design trend into the classic Chinoiserie art, talented young artists and painters of Oriental Handpainted art and design studio using the authentic techniques based on 5000 years of Chinese art history provide you the most beautiful,unique and wallpapers which are truly "hand painted". Today, we actively participate in developing different materials of our wallpaper to highly meet your requirements on perfection.
silk wallpaper

SuZhou Garden NanSong Garden Goyful Garden Pheasants Heaven Summer Garden Fairyland Garden

Bird and flower European Paper color Material